Developing Twitch apps with Node.js in 2017

What is up with Twitch inside the JavaScript and Node.js ecosystem ?? There is hundreds of bots and APIs on github with almost no stars...

So I've gone trough this immense list and I've picked those that looks promising (so you won't have to do it).

Note that : I have excluded repos with no documentation because I ain't got time for this, and because I implied that their project is not intended to everyone (therefore it's either crappy or useless).

I made this list on January 21, 2017.

Top "Do it all" library

  1. tapic.js : As a lot of features. REST and chat APIs. Seems maintained. Documentation located here.

Top Twitch chat bots

  1. KirschnBot : Looks clean and got a bunch of simple features. It has a web interface. Website located here.
  2. Yucibot : Has a bunch of features. Seems maintained.
  3. Omnibot : Has a bunch of features but seems unmaintained.
  4. Savagebot : Not much features. Somewhat maintained.
  5. xikbot : They say it's a highly configurable and extensible Twitch bot, but there is not much mention of features or documentation. Website located here.
  6. bestTwitchBotEver : Well, contrary to it's name, It does not have a lot of features.

Top Twitch chat APIs

  1. tmijs/tmi.js : The most complete chat API out there.
  2. scagood/tmi.js : Very new but it seems to be filled with a bunch of features. (to check back in the future I guess)

Top Twitch REST APIs

  1. : Straight to the point, easy to use, no useless crap, works with latest v5 twitch API.
  2. twitchy : Almost equivalent to, documentation is a bit "cuter" tho. Also old and unmaintained.

It's also worth mentioning that the most popular Twitch JavaScript SDK called twitch-js-sdk is old, unmaintained, (and from what I've experienced) broken and unusable...


The ecosystem of usable tools to build Twitch related apps is very limited right now... So I wish you good luck ! ;)