Don't buy domain names on

The first time I had to search for a registrar I just said to myself : "might as well go with the one that seems the most domain names oriented : !".

But I was wrong.

That's the most broken service I've experienced, ever. It was broken from day 1 and it still is. Here is a little summary of what happened :

#1 - Stupid account creation

When buying my first domains, I was drawn into the paypal payement process BEFORE creating any account. After the payment was done, I was left in front of a page asking me to login to access my control panel... But they never asked my a username and password, HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO LOGIN WITHOUT THAT ?? I had to go trough the forget password process to finally access the account I have never created. That's plain stupid.

#2 - Disappearing domains

Right after I was finally able to login to my control panel, in the page where all my domains are supposed to be listed, THERE WAS NOTHING. No domain names where listed but I just paid for 2 domains with paypal. So I created a support ticket and I dunno what they did but they reappeared a day or two after...

#3 - Support tickets shutdown

They decided support tickets was not important enough so they removed that completely from their interface and replaced it with some kind of live chat in which you talk with someone that hardly understand what you say. And tries to push you to fill a survey to express how good his service was...

#4 - Shitty help center

Almost all articles of their support knowledge base I've read didn't help and many of the links pointed to 404 not found pages... Very frustrating.

#5 - Shitty mailboxes

In their interface you can create mailboxes and email adresses, that's so cool isn't it !! Wouhou !! ...but It won't work because what's not said is that you must pay an additional fee to unlock the mailboxes feature !! But they give you access to the mailboxes creation interface anyway !! Letting you wandering for days why your f****ng mailbox doesn't work !! ^^ That's such an amazing user experience.

#6 - Email forward : not working.

I tried to setup a simple email forward when I realized mailboxes are shit, but it NEVER WORKED.

#7 - Lies about prices

If you search for a domain on their website you will see attractive prices bellow 5$ per year. But that's a lie. It's the price for the first year only and it's written NOWHERE on this page. The only way of knowing the full price of a domain is when you receive your bill for the second year. And they don't even tell you the real price in the email reminder of 30 days prior payment. No, that would be too kind from them.

#8 - Additional fees for privacy

They change you an extra if you want to keep your personal informations private (like the precise address of where you live) while other registrars don't.

#9 - Domain transfer : broken.

After all those problems I decided to transfer my domain names to an other registrar. The process is now complete but I came back in their interface (you know, just for curiosity sake) and guess that I've found ? My domains THAT ARE NOW SUPPOSED TO BE TRANSFERED are still listed in their interface with auto-renewal and auto-payment ON !! Thumbs up, will you still charge me forever ? I'm sure you would be glad to do so.

#10 - Control panel is slow

Last but not least, every pages of their interface is slow and a pain in the ass to use. I feel like their website is abandoned, nothing improves over time. There is missing margins here and there that any integrator could fix in 15 seconds. But they never get fixed.


Ahhh it's liberating to put words on the frustration I've accumulated. Please make yourself a favor and stay away from There is plenty more registrar better than this one !