Fix unwanted "// WARNING:" atom snippet when typing "width" !

This has been annoying me for years, every time I tried to type width in SCSS, the first snippet suggested after typing the first 2 letters (wi) was that annoying warning snippet :


but not anymore !


The snippet is added by a core package named language-todo...

To prevent it from annoying you ever again :

  1. disable the language-todo package
  2. close Atom
  3. re-open Atom

Problem solved !

To disable a package, open your atom Settings (Edit > Preferences), then go to the Packages left tab, type language-todo in the text field and click the Disable button when you found the appropriate package.

Bonus knowledge : How to find where Atom snippets comes from (on Ubuntu)

This might come in handy if you ever encounter another snippet problem...

There are three places where snippets can reside :

  1. in the file where you add your own snippets (~/.atom/snippets.cson)
  2. in the directory where the community packages you installed are : ~/.atom/packages/ (in a directory named snippets at the root of each packages)
  3. in the directory where Atom is installed (/snap/atom/current/usr/share/atom/ on Ubuntu, if installed through snaps, otherwise try /usr/share/atom/ but I'm not 100% sure)

To search for snippets, open all those places in Atom ( and search for all instances of the snippet you are looking for (CTRL + SHIFT + F) until you find a file containing it !