Ryobi bandsaw motor hums but wont start

The other day after using my band-saw I detected a burnt smell and the saw seemed to have problem turning as quick as before. The day after, I went back to my project but when I turned the band-saw on it made a humming sound but the motor was not moving. Oh no !

I tried turning the motor by hand to see if there was some kind of obstruction, but everything seemed fine.

After some research, I checked the capacitor (the cylinder thing inside the metal thing on the side of the motor) and it was burnt !


I couldn't find an exact replacement on the Internet, but apparently you can use a capacitor with a different Voltage rating as long as the voltage rating is equal or higher (250 - 350V AC in that case) and the capacitance is the same (20 uF in that case).

So I ordered a capacitor with a 450V AC rating and my band-saw is working fine now !

It was this one exactly (shipping from Canada).
and here is a picture of both capacitors side by side.

(note : keep in mind that a greater voltage rating also mean a bigger size capacitor, so it does not necessarily fit inside the metal socket of the Ryobi bandsaw...)

I hope that little life experience helps you !