The Bamboo GTX, an other re-skin from Evolve

Disappointed, is what I am.

After the recent out of line release of the Bamboo One board, Evolve recidivism with YET AN OTHER board missing the target by many inches.

They took their Bamboo GT again but instead of removing parts they decided to put more uselessness on top of it :

Gold plating on the motors and other small parts, laser-cut grip tape on the deck. This board literally says "I'm overpriced and I want everyone to know it, plus I love honey and bees".

It's not a super good looking design in my own opinion. It lacks cohesion. The wheels feels like a vintage muscle car kind-of tires design. Beside of that they added some gold!? because of... reasons ? I don't even like gold. Specially on an electric longboard which I see as the most modest and minimalist viable mean of electric self-transportation. Don't put gold on that, it just kills the vibe.

Then for the deck I feel like they said to themselves "Guys, we must change the style of the deck otherwise it won't look like a new model". Then they just browsed random patterns : fishes ? flowers ? honeycombs ? Yes ! Honeycombs ! Lets laser-cut that on the grip tape, we will then be able to use the word "laser-cut" in our release video, we'll look more precise and on point !

Anyways... The only good thing I see about this board is the bigger wheels. The bigger the better when you ride in place where the road is cracked.

Now I'm tired of writing about this unappealing board, so let me entertain you with words expressing how Evolve is not getting it right :

Enjoy ! And have a good day.