The BEST internet service provider in Montreal

Searching for an ISP is a long and tedious process, but I think I've found the perfect one : VMedia which has it all, here is why :


1. Transparency

Unlike other ISP forcing you to buy or rent their modem, VMedia let you use your modem if you have one. They also give you a full list of all models compatible so you can search for the best deal on internet and buy it yourself ! That's very respectful of the customer.

2. Fair & prorated price

Their prices are right in that sweet spot where it's not too cheap while being far from those overpriced big companies.

And instead of charging you for the full month when you register, they calculate the prorated price from the date of installation of your internet access.

There is also a discount for the first 12 months.

3. Well built website

A well built website is very important to me (because I make websites) and I strongly believes that it's the visual representation of the personnality of those who run the company. If everything is janky and awkward, their service is probably too ! Because they fundamentaly don't care about quality at all.

The VMedia website is very clean and polished. The whole registration process goes super smoothly without "round corners", it's well made from start to finish.

4. No phone call registration

Many ISP does not let you finish the registration process solely on the internet, they want you to call them to finish registration ! I don't like that. I feel like they will try to sell me other stuff and convince me to make decisions under pressure.

VMedia let you do everything on their website without any presure to buy anything.

5. No contracts

There is no contracts.

6. No installation fees

There is no installation fees.

7. Network reliability

It's the first time EVER that I get exacly the same internet speed as I pay for.
But it's probably just because I'm on the cable network instead of ADSL now tho.


Overall, its a company that induce trust because they care for quality and they respect their customers. That's the most important point here. Many other ISPs does not respect their customer.

VMedia is different in a way every company should be. They should all be trying to "seduce" their customers instead of ripping them off eternally because they know we cannot do without an internet connexion !

It's also a Canadian company based in Toronto.