Use Razer mouse or keyboard without Synapse on Linux

You just got yourself a new Razer device and you realized you can't configure it without the proprietary Synapse software (which is not available on linux), and now you are sad ?

Be sad no more ! The open-source community got your back.

Step 1 : drivers

What you need to do is install OpenRazer (github repo) ! OpenRazer is a collection of drivers for many Razer devices, this will allow communication between your computer and your devices.

Just follow their instructions in the download page.

Step 2 : GUI

You will also need an interface to let you change settings of your devices.

I recommend using Polychromatic (github repo) because it seems to be well adopted and actively maintained. Just follow their instructions in the download page again.

(there is also a list of other compatible applications at the end of the README of OpenRazer if you want)

PS: You might need to reboot your computer if the application tell you that your device ID is not recognized, even if it is in the list of supported devices, to make sure drivers are properly running.

Happy gaming !!
(or happy "whatever" you do with your computer)