5 ways to donate $ to causes, without spending your money

Many web platform exists where you can generate money to causes without actually spending yours. Here is my little list of some I've found :



Ecosia acts as a replacement for google's search page. The profits generated by your search on that platform will be used to plant trees !



Goodeed is a platform where you can go to voluntarily watch video ads and the money generated by that will go to the cause you choose ! You have a maximum of 3 ads per day to watch.



Kiva is a platform where you can lend your money to causes/peoples/sectors you want to help. Exemple : if you want to help womans in a specific country working in a specific sector, you can ! For every individuals, there is a little explanation of what your money will be used for, and when they finished repaying (usually after 12 months or more), you get your money back and can lend it again ! (or withdraw it).



Freerice is a platform where you can answer questions (like a quiz) and they gives 10 grains of rice per good answers to feed the hunger ! It serves a second purpose which is educational because there is a variety of themes you can choose from (Math, World Capitals, Science, Chemistry, etc.) therefore you can refine your knowledge on various subjects.



Greater good is an online shop with many sub-shops (Hunger, Breast Cancer, Animals, Veterans, Autism, Alzheimer's, Diabetes, Literacy, Rainforest) and each of them has a button on top you can click once every days to help the cause associated with the shop ! It's probably based on ads revenus so don't forget to disable your adblocker.


Have a nice day sir, and thanks for wanting to help others ! :)